Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Out of the box

Have you ever felt like you just need to step out of our box of safe and normal? I feel this a lot. And right now, in my current slump, I think my creative mind was screaming for it. So I made a decision to take part in a call for artists. The show is for Barbie Altered Art and is hosted by Happy Delusions in Renton.

Really, this isn't too far out of my box. I love weird and quirky. But it's fairly out there when you look at the business I've built. But I've spent the majority of this week working on my pieces and I'm finally starting to feel more like my creative self. It's been great. None of my pieces are completely done - but they are all far enough along that you get the idea. Two of them are inspired by Alice in Wonderland (seems to be a theme for me this year) and the other one is inspired by the owner of Happy Delusions who I get the feeling, likes unicorns.

Here are some sneak peaks;

Magical Unicorn (to be mounted as a wall hanging)

Flower inspired by the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland. Will have a stem for a stand, but is a pin (wearable art!).

My most complex piece is the caterpillar. Still needs antennae and a few finishing details, but will sit on to of one of my mushrooms (I'll post pictures of them soon - but they are left over decor from my daughter's birthday party)

It's a good thing that there is a three piece limit as I have really enjoyed making these and have tons and tons of ideas. I'll post photos of the finished pieces once they are complete... and show details once I know if I have been accepted. A little nervous though as this would be my first Art (not craft) Show.

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