Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Many years ago, I participated in a swap. A charm square swap with people all over the world. It was fun and I love the fabrics I received. I made a quilt top within a few months of getting them... and then it sat. and sat. and sat for several years.

Then I decided around Christmas time last year that I as a gift to myself, I was going to send my quilt and have someone else quilt it so that we could finally enjoy it. And so I actually did! Carrie from Georgia Girl Fabrics and Quilting did an awesome job. She had a quick turn around and she was so easy to work with.

Of course, I have had it back for several months now and just need to bind it. I bought the fabric but have been dragging my feet at making the biased tape. Not sure what since I borrowed my mother's bias tape machine.

But yesterday, I finally pulled it out and did it! Of course, that's because I need to return the machine this weekend. I can't believe I put it off for so long. This machine is magic! Once I had my strip, the machine made the tape for me in minutes! I couldn't believe the ease... and I'm definitely adding the machine to my list of things to get myself in the near future.

Now, I just need to sew the binding on... which of course, will probably take me another month or so to get to. But I'm sooooo close!

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