Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspired by buttons

Okay, so I admit I have a problem. I admit that I'm not a collector of buttons... I'm more of a hoarder. I have more buttons that I could admit to (seriously, I have no idea - I have boxes and boxes of them and I've lost count of how many because I've had to scatter them throughout the house to store them).

But I was inspired the other day by one of my doodles and a pile of vintage buttons. I need to do something with all these buttons (mainly so I don't feel bad buying more). So I've started selling them in my supply shop (Pickle Barrel Supplies). Here's a sampling of what you will find. I started listing them yesterday and have already sold many of them.

Each card has a simple original drawing (just a quick doodle) in pencil (I've used a silver pencil on back for these). I think these would be fun for a gift tag or a "just because" card to that button lover in your life. The buttons can also just be cut off and used.

I'm also going through my other supplies because there is an EtsyRAIN Craft Swap this weekend. So who knows what else I'll find to post. With the end of the school year approaching, I'm looking forward to doing some projects around the house. This means that I need to do some serious cleaning and purging. And knowing me, I can't do that without doing a little creating a long the way.


  1. Love these! Such a creative way to destash (who cares if it will take you 50 years to get around to all those buttons! haha! ;)

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