Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest - See Through Storage Bag

This past weekend was the EtsyRAIN Craft Swap and Gift Exchange. For the gift exchange, I decided to make something that any one could use since most of my costumes and such are geared toward kids... and I know plenty of EtsyRAINers without kids. I had seen these really window bags on Pinerest back when I first started (it hasn't been that long... maybe a month or so).

Of course, because I'm horrible at following directions, I kind of made up the process myself. And I lined mine so that there weren't any exposed edges. I'm sure doing that was more time consuming but I really love the extra finish that it gives to hide the seams.

And the bag empty didn't seem like enough. So I added a little cashmere bunny with big floppy ears. Had a great time and I think the gift was well received (it went to a gal who is expecting - yay!).

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