Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabric Fortune Cookie Tutorial

I've made these fortune cookies from tons of different fabrics with many different techniques. Here's my current favorite (at the end I'll leave links to other techniques)

Start with a circle (I'm using fleece because it's thick and holds it's shape nicely) approximately 4" in diameter. I used a plastic tub top for my template.

Fold the circle in half and mark the center along the folded edge.

Stitch along the center where you have marked it, starting about half an inch to three quarters inch away from the circle edge.

Remove any excess threads.
Open on end of the semi-circle and fold it back toward the center stitch.

Repeat with the other side. Insert fortune into the middle (I didn't add a fortune because I wanted to be able to add it later as my daughter was still signing her Valentines).

Bring both sides together matching the edges.

Beginning on one end about three quarters of an inche from the end (so you can insert a fortune), stitch around the cookie.

And your cookie is done! Super simple and easy to mass produce. I made these for my daughter's Valentines and they were a big hit.

You can add a paper fortune or use ribbon.
This makes a great teacher gift. I made a few big fortune cookies and left the end open. I had the parents and kids write something nice about each of their teachers on small strips of paper and put them inside the cookie. They were well recieved.
Here are the links I promised...
Brassy Apple (requires ironing - which I despise... the ironing, the cookie is super cute)
Keepin It Real (same concept, using different fabrics - and more sewing)
Crafty Staci (made larger to hold gift money)

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