Monday, January 10, 2011

A new year - more ideas!

This one came while I was finishing up with a thread color and knew that the bobbin was almost gone. Rather than pull it out with just a little left, I wanted to use it up. Of course, I don't like to waste even the tiniest bit of thread (I have a bowl that I keep pieces that are long enough for hand stitching - yes, it's an illness and I'm working on it) so I decided to experiment.
I sandwiched a piece of fleece between a scrap of recycled t-shirt sleeve and started sewing. Once I ran out of thread in the bobbin (it was just enough), I cut out the shape and embellished it by hand. I had enough forethought to include a loop of elastic on one side and made it into a cuff. Obviously I was happy with the result as I now have about 8 of them made and several more in the works. I'm thinking about adding these cuffs to the NueToMe shop. They are really comfortable. I had forgotten I had tried it on and wore it for about an hour before I realized I was still wearing it.

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