Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year - New Items

It isn't my plan to promote much of my store's happenings on this blog... but I am hoping to clear out some inventory to make room for all my new ideas. I'm discontinuing the Feathered Headband and the old style of Antennae (I have redesigned it) in addition to closing out some older items and seconds.

This means you can get some pretty good deals in the World of Whimm shop right now (I'll be doing this with the NueToMe shop as well, I just can't do them both at the same time!).

Starting next week I'll be posting some new, fancier masks (simple masks will remain available as well)... and I'm hoping within the next few weeks to get some more wings, antennae, tails and horned headbands up as well.

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