Thursday, March 10, 2011

Super Simple Flower Headband from Recycled Tshirts

I have a number of flowers that I make with my recycled tshirt scraps. This is the simplest and quickest flower that I make. I like it because it's versatile (I use it on many different things) and it uses buttons!

So, I've put together a quick tutorial for the leaves, flower and an example of what you can do with it.

  • Recycled tshirt scraps (I used different shades of orange and green - using one color of green on each side also looks good)
  • Thread
  • Button
  • Stretchy Headband (I bought mine from the dollar store)


1. Put two pieces of tshirt scrap together with wrong sides together. I just folded this piece in half.

2. Sorry about the brightness of this one, the flash went off because obviously I sew with too little light. But I used white so that you could see the stitch. I make a curve for one side of the leaf. Then with the needle down, turn the fabric to sew the middle vein (you can also make the second stitch the outside and do the inside last, it's up to you).

3. I don't worry about making sure that the ends match up... I kind of like when they don't. Again, keep the needle down and turn the fabric for the last stitch.

4. once you finish the third stitch, you can just put the needle in the up position and move the fabric over to begin the process again. It makes it quicker when you are making a lot of leaves.

4. Cut of the threads and cut about an eighth inch from the stitches. You are done with the leaf! I make two of them for the headband.


1. Cut 4 circles from the tshirt scraps. I make my circles each a different size so that you can see each color. I also cut them freehand rather than using a template. I like the look of the not so perfect circle. You can vary the look of your flower by adding more circles, making them the same size and color, etc.

2. Stack the circles on top of each other and choose a button for the middle.

3. Stitch the button on going through the center of all the circles. You can either tie it off and your flower is done or if you are going to add it to a headband, leave the thread for the next step.


1. Stitch the headband onto the back of the flower. I make sure it only goes through the last two circles so that you don't see your stitches from the front. I also sew through the elastic headband so that it stays in place.

2. Stitch it several times and tie off the end.

3. Place the leaves along the back. I try not to run them long along the headband, otherwise the headband will be over the leaves. I also like to overlap the leaves so that I don't have to sew it more than once.

4. Starting your thread underneath so that it doesn't show, start stitching the leaves on. I do small stitches from one side to the other so that they don't show.

5. I tie off the thread, then thread it though the back of the leaves and cut it back there so I don't have thread showing on the other side. And you're done! Super simple :)

I'll be sharing another tutorial for another idea of what you can do with these flowers. The green in this project is the green from that green shirt I had posted about previously... I'll share the project the scraps came from soon!


  1. I'm loving this! What a great idea... and uses up those little scraps you hate to throw away!



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