Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My daughter's birthday party was last month. Her rainbow birthday party. And yes, we still have most of the decorations up. I figure, I went through all that time hanging it up, I might as well stretch it until St. Patick's Day. In the photo above, you also see cloud pillows (tooth fairy pillows to be exact - given to each of her friends) and gold at the end of the rainbow. These were surprise balls with their favors inside them.

But I think one of my favorite details was the rain. I made clouds with balloons and hung rain - because you can't have a rainbow without rain.

Here's what I did. I really wanted to use recycled paper - maps would have been my first choice. However, because I procrastinated so long, I didn't have time to hunt some down. So, I bought a package of index cards at the dollar store.
All you need is string, strips of index cards (mine were about an inch wide), hole punch and a stapler. Oh, and lots of staples if you are planning on making a lot of raindrops like we did.

First, you will want to punch a hole in the middle of the strips. I used my small hole punch and it seemed to work great. The size of the hole need to be big enough to string the string through it.

Well, then you string your string through the hole in one strip.

Fold it over without creasing it and staple it together with the string running between each side of paper.

I left room between each drop. Keep stringing them on until it's the length you want. Staple one last one at the end of the string to finish it off.

Soooo easy! I think it just adds that little extra detail that makes the decorations a little more special.


  1. How magnificent! She must have been sooooo excited! Great work Kayce! It's just beautiful!

  2. Super adorable. Now I want to sing that old song, "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head..."



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